Authentic knowledge

Made in the middle of the Normandy with carefully selected quality milk and only ferments and salt, this natural cheese is the most essential ingredient of all your culinary preparations.

Refined in cellars, it reveals its fine aromas, fruity, sweet and balanced.

Quality milk
Maturing cellars emmental Cheese Ingredients

Greed and flavor guaranteed!

Cold, with its typically nutty taste and soft texture, it is ideal for your sandwiches and salads.

This must-have cheese is rich in protein and vitamins and contains little salt.

From a nutritional point of view it is also one of the richest cheese in calcium (970 mg for calcium per 100 g).

Our emmental will bring to all of your prepared dishes meltiness and stretchiness during cooking and a golden gratinage.

Emmental sandwich
Emmental gratin
Stretchiness emmental Cheese Ingredients

In the format of your choice

From wheels to grated or blocks of various dimensions suitable for slicing or grating, we offer a wide panel of industrial formats that will sublimate all your recipes.

We will study all your requests for specific formats, do not hesitate to contact us.

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11 litres of milk are needed to make 1kg of emmental.
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