Our unique knowledge

For over 140 years, it has won the taste and hearts of several generations of lovers of fresh cheese.

Created in 1872, « Carré Frais » is a 100% real natural fresh cheese, resulting from an inimitable knowledge.

Low in fat, it is three times richer in protein than milk.

The secret of this authentic French cheese? Milk, cream, a pinch of salt, lactic ferments and … that’s it!

The cheese of all your requests

Carré Frais is the guest of choice for all your catering applications: it becomes the essential ingredient to add a breath of fresh air and a touch of creaminess to your savory and sweet creations.

Fresh cheese maki
Fresh cheese bagel
Fresh cheese cheesecake
Fresh cheese macarons

The 3 value positions of Carré Frais

  • A real fresh cheese
  • A short and quality list of ingredients / clean label
  • Versatility of use
Carré Frais is made in France, in the Ain county, at our dairy factory in Grièges.    The milk used for its manufacture is collected within a radius of 40km
around the cheese factory produced from the cooperative union Bressor.