Expertise and diversity of the offer

Being part of Savencia Group allows us to provide you a complete offer of cheese to use as ingredients in many recipes.

Goats cheese and sheep cheese: trendy cheeses

Cheeses made from goat’s milk and sheep’s milk are more and more attractive for consumers because of their authenticity and their health benefits (digestibility, nutritional qualities …).

Available in 12 kg block and in cubes, our 100% goat’s milk and 100% sheep’s milk cheeses will open up new perspectives.

Their natural recipes, that result from the know-how of our cheese master makers, preserve the purity and benefits of goat’s and sheep’s milk, with no added aroma.

With their delicate and subtle tastes, our ripened cheeses are perfect for initiating new gourmets.

Maxi Goat and Maxi Sheep can be used as ingredients in many applications: ready meals, salads, « galettes », pizzas, cakes and savory pies, hot or cold sandwiches …

Tell us about your needs, and we can match your requests (log …), refined or not.

Goat cheese salad
Goat cheese log
Tourte quiche au chèvre

A flavoured signature

You will benefit from the expertise of recognized brands in creams of processed cheese.

Saint Agur cream is all the strength and the melting of Saint Agur in a creamy texture sparkled with blue crisps. With a taste of blue cheese, Saint Agur cream will suit perfectly to sandwiches consumption, dipping with crisp or hot vegetables in gourmet recipes like quiches, pies and salted pies …

Maroilles cream, particularly unctuous, made from Maroilles, will reveal all its flavor and its frank taste in sauces or ready meals.

Camembert cream is made with soft cheeses from Savencia Group.
Quality and constant taste with guaranteed traceability.

Saint Agur cream
Maroilles Fauquet cream
Camembert cream
Omelette with cream of processed cheese
Pastabox cream of process cheese
Cream of processed cheese soup