Cheese solutions: serving your applications

As a specialist in processed cheeses, we develop tailor-made, technical and functional recipes.

Matching each of your applications, hot or cold: pizza, hamburger, puff pastry, pies, gratin, cordon bleu, quiche, croque-monsieur, cold or hot sandwich, panini, breaded products, sauces, tins, salads …

Processed cheese for hamburger
Processed cheese for toasted sandwiches
Processed cheese filling cordon bleu breaded

A wide choice of formats, tastes and textures

  • Various formats: eurobloc, loin, hose, grated or liquid.
  • Different tastes possible: camembert, emmental, mozzarella, raclette, « comté » …
  • A variety of textures: from thermostable, malleable, formable, moldable, incorporable, sliceable, spreadable, pumpable or dosable cheese to smooth, creamy, streachy, grating, topping or filling specialties...

We will make every effort to meet your expectations and your industrial specificities, your production targets and your innovation projects.

The specificities of Cheese Ingredients processed cheese

  • Traceability of intra-group raw materials
  • A functional or economic alternative to native cheeses
  • A dedicated site for more than 40 years
The so-called processed cheeses are historically born in mountain countries,
ideal soils of pressed cooked cheeses.