A fresh and finely typed taste

Created in 1985, Chavroux is made with 100% goat’s milk.

Chavroux is a unique recipe made with goat cheese cream, from the knowledge of our cheese master makers, which gives our cheeses a pure and fresh taste of goat cheese and a creamy texture.

Softness and creaminess, on bread and in the kitchen

Chavroux is the ideal partner for your gourmet ideas: melting quiches, savory pastas, delicious pies, original soups and desserts.

Fresh cheese filling eclair
Fresh cheese pie
Fresh cheese bun
Fresh cheese tartine

The 3 value positions of Chavroux

  • A 100% goat’s milk recipe
  • A pleasure product with low fat content
  • A cheese with pure and fresh taste of goat cheese
France is the leading producer and consumer of goat cheese.
A goat produces an average of 2 ½ liters of milk a day and it takes more than 6 liters of milk
to make a kilo of cheese.