Expertise and diversity of the offer

Being part of Savencia Group allows us to provide you a complete offer of cheese to use as ingredients in many recipes: refined goat logs, blue cheese, raclette…

Refined goat logs: a trendy cheese

Goat’s milk cheeses seduce more and more consumers by their authenticity and their health benefits (digestibility, nutritional qualities…).

With their delicate and subtle tastes, our logs for incorporation 100% goat’s milk, with no added flavour, are perfect to initiate new gourmets and open new perspectives.

Available in 12 kg bags, they can be used in many applications: sauces, ready meals, salads, cakes, pizzas, cakes and tarts, hot or cold sandwiches…

Goat cheese quiche
Pastabox cream of process cheese
Goat cheese log

Blue cheese: a flavoured signature

Its fruity and sweet blue taste and its unique creaminess make our Blue loaf a taste ally that will bring a touch of greed and authenticity to your most varied recipes.

Made with simple and natural ingredients, it has a very thin crust covered with a white down as well as a nice marbled paste. Not very salty, it is very delicate in the mouth and its blue color infuses its aromas with great subtlety into the cheese. Its non-friable texture is very creamy and gives a very good melting when cooked.

Blue cheese salad Bresse Bleu Savencia
Blue cheese pizza Bresse Bleu Savencia
Blue cheese egg Bresse Bleu Savencia