An original recipe

In the Dordogne, in 1964, was born a unique cheese resulting from an inimitable knowledge: a tasty recipe that restores the intense and natural taste of fresh herbs.

Thanks to a unique knowledge, the rigorously selected ingredients are slowly mixed with the whipped cheese to preserve all its qualities.

This easy-to-spread cheese also stands out for its fresh, light and creamy texture, which offers great delicacy in the mouth.

Tartare tartine
Tartare cake
Tartare pie

Unique freshness, numerous recipes

Cakes, burgers, omelettes, puff pastries, salads …: the intensity of the taste and the creaminess of Tartare offers a wide repertoire of possibilities you can mix according to your creativity.

The 3 value positions of Tartare

  • An intense and natural taste
  • A melting and generous texture
  • A recipe without coloring or artificial flavor
Tartare is the best-selling fresh-flavored cheese in France with a 26.9% volume market share (Nielsen, August 2017)
More than 8 out of 10 French people know the brand (TNS Sofres, May 2017)