The meltiest fresh cheeses

An emblematic brand for generations, it is the most widely consumed natural fresh cheese in France.

Good milk, cream and a pinch of salt, its natural ingredients and its unique recipe, simple, healthy and authentic, give St Môret its fresh taste, slightly salted and its creamy texture.

Gourmet recipes, from aperitif to dessert

This tasty and melty cheese, with a supple, dosable or spreadable texture, will slip into all your preparations, both salty and sweet: sandwich, bagel, cheese cake, waffle … get your creativity free with St Môret!

Light, low fat and easy to use, it can be used on bread, as well as in cooking and baking. It brings binder and creamy to your recipes. Perfectly stable in cold and hot condition, it can be used as a stand for verrines, to give creamy to soup or to make a thicker and tastier sauce …

Fresh cheese bagel
Fresh cheese sauce dip
American cheesecake

The 3 value positions of St Môret

  •  A wide range of applications, cold and hot, thanks to our different recipes
  • A base for flavors (spices, seeds …)
  • French origin
St Môret was invented in 1980.
The brand is known by 85% of the French population (TNS Sofres 2017).