A gourmet alternative for all your recipes

Do Pizzy Super is a unique and natural specialty made according to the pasta filata process, in which skim milk and vegetable fat are combined.

This specific recipe produces an ivory white product with a fresh and acidulous taste.

Do Pizzy stretch
Pizza cheese Do Pizzy

Functional properties identical to mozzarella cheese

Our pasta filata specialty colors like pizza cheese, evenly and without burning.

Its soft and melting texture offers a very good stretch, an optimal covering and remains soft while cooling.

Its white color and consensual taste allow to reveal all the ingredients.

Do Pizzy Super has very good appearance and cooking performance. It is an excellent alternative to mozzarella, an ideal and economical solution for your pizzas and gratinated preparations.

Pizza Do Pizzy Super
Do Pizzy Super
Pizza cheese super stretch

In the format of your choice

From euroblock to diced cut, we offer a wide panel of industrial formats that will sublimate all your recipes.

Available fresh or frozen.

Do Pizzy Super specificities

  • Natural and without melting salt
  • Remains white and shiny even after cooking
  • Optimal sliceability up to 4 weeks
Pasta filata cheese is obtained by kneading and stretching the curd to the desired consistency.
Fingers Do Pizzy Super
Panini Do Pizzy Super