A cheese appreciated by everyone

Mozzarella is an extremely popular cheese, it’s the first consumed in the world and one of the favorites of the French.

A simple list of ingredients (pasteurized cow’s milk, ferments and salt), a delicate dairy taste and functional recognized properties: our mozzarella is a cheese ingredient of 1st quality, with a strong sensory appeal.

Mozzarella bruschetta
Pizza mozzarella

The ideal pizza cheese

This is THE cheese for pizzaiolos, the safe bet for a tasty and golden pizza.

Liven up your meals with mozzarella, you will get a remarkable stretching (25-30 cm) a soft and smooth texture.

Extra melty and creamy, our pasta filata will bring greed and generosity to all your recipes, for an aesthetic and gourmet result.

A panel of formats adapted to your applications

For all your uses we offer a wide range of industrial formats: euroblocks, individual block and different cuts of sprigs or dices.
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The specificities of Cheese Ingredients mozzarella

  • Produced by the order, we guarantee you optimal best before dates
  • Available fresh or frozen (long shelf life)
  • A variety of formats
The word “mozzarella” comes from the Italian
“mozzare” which means “to cut”.
Cheese Ingredients mozzarella blocks

Mozzarella, many different possible applications hot and cold.

Fingers Do Pizzy Super
Panini Do Pizzy Super
Tartine mozzarella
Sandwich mozzarella