Pizza mozzarella


Filante and creamy
Block, diced,
grated (different cuts)…

The excellency of pizza cheese !

Panini Do Pizzy Super

Do Pizzy Super

Optimal coverage
Euroblock, block,
diced, grated…

A unique recipe !

Fresh cheese bagel

Fresh cheese

Notoriety and co branding
St Môret, Tartare, Cream Cheese Elle&Vire, Chavroux
BtoB in freshness format


Processed cheese

Knowledge and traceability
Euroblock, log, bag, grated…
Various formats,
adapted textures.

Other specialties

Goat cheese, blue cheese, grated cheese blends …
Different tastes and new functionalities for your ideas today and your projects tomorrow.
Cheese Ingredients supports you to provide recipes adapted to all your applications..

Goat cheese log